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How much will it cost?

Less than you might think. We provide high-end dentistry at reasonable rates. We tailor treatment plans to meet your needs and budget.

Will it hurt?

Many simple procedures are possible without anaesthetic. We use pain free local anaesthetic options which allows us to minimise pain for ultimate comfort. Also, by regularly visiting our dentists you can prevent pain before it begins. Preventative care is important and will save you money. It will ensure that your mouth is healthy and your smile is bright.

If you are anxious to see a dentist, come and see us. We are experienced in treating patients who fear dental surgery or have a low tolerance for pain. Do not risk the health of your body and mouth. Instead, choose sedation. Be at peace throughout your dental experience and allow our dentists to give you a beautiful smile. Remember, many of our treatments can be completed within one or two sessions.

Who will I see?

We know relationships are important to you. Your committed dentist will provide you with a great deal of knowledge, experience & empathy. Call & schedule an appointment so we can fit you in as soon as possible. At Adelaide Dental Emergency Services, we believe in a personalised approach to dentistry that provides continuous care by your trusted clinician. 

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When can you fit me in?

We reserve time for new patients and emergencies. If you are a new patient, have an emergency or require after hour service, we have you covered. We have been providing this level of service for 20 years. 

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Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer low-interest finance solutions to accommodate your needs. Ask us!

Where are you located?

We are located in Kurralta Park. This central location has ample parking and is convenient for patients from all over Adelaide.