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Your dental experience should be soothing and uplifting. If you have a dental emergency, come to the experts in Adelaide. We understand that toothaches, broken teeth, chipped teeth and other dental injuries don’t stop just because the work day is over. When you need emergency dental work done, give us a call. Our dentists will see you before the problem gets worse. Whether you need a crown, implants or teeth whitening, meet with our dental team to discover your solution for a brilliant smile!

Unlike many dentists in Adelaide, we make emergency dental work a priority. We won’t tell you to wait until a more convenient time for us; our dentists will help you before the problem gets worse. We enjoy helping our customers get past dental injuries. If your smile is tired, broken or needs a lift, our specially trained and licensed staff will customise a solution for you.

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"So when you're in need emergency dentists in Adelaide, call the team at Adelaide Dental Emergency Service to get the treatment you deserve!"

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